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We provide the best Talent to help you

accelerate  your digital transformation

through innovative SAP Solutions 

How we work

How we work

Requirement identification

We help you clarify your requirements and identify the right skills to help meet your objectives.


We commit to complete transparency of costs and pricing to all parties backed up by plain English contracts 


Our account team will then provide regular time reporting and analysis to ensure expectations are being met   

Consulting Services


Cloud Services

The cloud has brought about a fundamental change in how business consumes IT services. Its now about being agile and only paying for what you use.


Fenix has assembled a team of top talent who are now available through our Support Cloud Service.  Once engaged our experts are on call to address your most difficult challenges.


It is as simple as sending an e-mail to with a brief description of your issue and one of our experts will respond within 24 hours.


Fenix Talent

With 30 years in the ERP recruiting business, our Talent Service connects you to the best consultants in the market.


We believe in delivering a service that is a WIN/WIN proposition for all parties.


This means we will deliver value by being transparent in our pricing policies, we look after our consultants and we will be responsive.


And if things do go wrong (we have seen it all!) we guarantee to put it right.


Experience how consulting should be

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