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Webinar: SAP Mobile Asset Maintenance made easy with the MyPM solution

Tuesday, December 5th* - 3.00pm CDT

For companies having worked with various SAP ERP systems, today’s challenge of digital transformation means rethinking old processes and SAP app development, and making sure that a new user experience matches with the everyday handling of our current times.

Is your IT teams facing a challenge when it comes to plant maintenance and how to modernize SAP processes for offline functionality, working in the field from whichever location and maintaining new challenging machinery?

Key topics that we will cover:

  • Easy to use SAP Fiori user interface & UX

  • Offline functionality for remote areas

  • Configurable inspections

  • Geo integration for Google Maps and Esri

  • Asset management practices

  • ABAP as underlying technology

MyPM was created in response to SAP customer demands and has been borne out of extensive experience in the maintenance and mobility space. See how you can target functionality, make powerful inspections simple and above all use flexible technology options and your commonly available SAP and IT technical skills.

*If you cannot make the date or are in a different timezone, no worries! Simply sign up and we will send you the recording of the webinar.

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